G's Sports Chat

In the 3rd installment of our regular sports chat feature (well, I say regular, we're running out of subjects unless it turns out Leif loves his ice hockey or something) we spoke to Rick McMurray. Just as Brian Glanville based an entire novel on the premise 'goalkeepers are different', it's fair to say that anyone who has read Rick's update on the excellent new www.ash-official.com will realise that drummers,too, are 'different'. He certainly didn't disappoint with his answers, incorporating the Olympics, Liverpool FC and advanced philosophy....

Obviously the big sporting event at the moment is the Beijing Olympics. What events would you like to see added to the Olympic calendar when London 2012 rolls around? 

I reckon some kind of eating contest should be added for London. It could be something themed to wherever the Olympics are being held. Maybe London could have a eel eating contest?

What events would you and the rest of the Ash boys be best at?

As you know we are hardly specimens of the Olympic ideal, but I think we'd be least bad at table tennis. It's the only sport we can play regularly, and when I mean regularly I mean every time we mix an album, which is about three weeks every three years. Hmm, am I saying there's a chance?

How in god's name would you all get through the drug tests?

By not consuming drugs, of course. (queue the sound of furious flushing...)


Now onto football... So, why Liverpool? No, really - Liverpool?

Yeah, really. Although Tim and Mark probably know more about them these days than I do. Back in the early 80s I followed them religiously, but that was before music, which kinda replaced football for me. These days I normally only watch the big tournaments, like the euro finals. Which Liverpool can't play in. Liverpool is not a country. This much about them I do know. 

Do you reckon they're finally able to make a proper run at the league this season?

Er, yeah. No.

Will Keane help?

I hate Keane and all their music represents. I can't believe Liverpool would replace 'You'll Never Walk Alone' with that drivel. 

Liverpool have been linked all summer with Gareth Barry - do you agree with the Barry Scott law that no man with 2 Christian names can be trusted, or with ash board legend Matt Hurst, who once described the player as "enough to turn a straight man gay"? 

Did Barry Scott make this law? If so he must have had a lot of self image problems, and is not to be trusted to speak the truth about anything. This leaves this law in an impossible philosophic conundrum. Just because he said it does it make it automatically an untrustworthy comment or does it indeed prove his law? This is going to make my head hurt. I'm going to have a lemsip and try to forget.


Thanks to Rick for taking the time to answer my questions. I'll be back in Gashed as soon as I've thought of a new feature, until then I'm busy passing on the quote about Keane to certain awful magazines in a brazen ploy to gain Ash coverage. It could be as exciting that time one of Starsailor threw a chip at Tim!!!