Nicole writes....

30/05/08 - Bradford St Georges Hall

First Ash gig in 2008 and it seem ages since their last tour back in Oct/Nov.

I was really excited to go see them in Bradford, as they have been away recording songs for the EPs. It was also exciting what they might have installed for us, maybe a new song? So me and my friend got there and went straight at the front of the barrier (Mark’s side) which I never been so close at a gig before. There like 5 bands on before Ash came on, so it was really dragging on, the last band went off and Ash was ready to come on. After 15 minutes or so the light went off and the bit of Twilight of the Innocents came on the crowd was cheering for Ash, They came on and starts of to Lose Control which gets everybody rocking, second song were YCHIA then onto Orpheus after that the guys went through hits songs such A life less ordinary, Shining Light, Angel Interceptor then onto the summer song Walking Barefoot which brought onto Goldfinger and Kung Fu. Tim announces they have a new song to play, which was exciting to hear. The guitar riffs and song itself was very catchy, leading you to dance to it this song is called Ichiban. The new song has ended and lead to the old classic Oh yeah then onto clapping Renegade Cavalcade. The rest of set was Blacklisted, Jack Names the Planets and the awesome Twilight of the Innocents making you sing “I’m still breathing my heart still beating” and also not forgetting Girl from Mars. They went off for abit then came back with the Encore of Meltdown, End of the World and also Burn Baby Burn.

Over all the gig was awesome and I also met most of the lovely Ash boarders but couldn’t stay that long to have a drink with them.

01/08/08 - Coventry Ricoh Arena

Well I never thought of going to this until a woman of a radio company phone me up to say I won some tickets to go and see them. Yay!

So a week on Friday travel down there with my dad because know one else wanted to come. So we got there around 8ish (due to the fact of traffic, getting lost, and nearly went to London hehe). Ricoh Arena was massive, it is totally different and more awesome to the rest of the stadiums I been too. Anyway got into the room where Ash was playing, my dad brought me a drink and headed to the front. I was second row on Tim’s side. The support band came on (The Gentlemen) and they were pretty good and got the crowd going and hype up for Ash. The Gentlemen went off and the tech people came on. After 20 minute the light went off, the song sounds like Twilight of the Innocents came on. Ash came on and rocked out to their first song Meltdown, second song was Burn Baby Burn what got the crowd moshing and jumping up and down. Then came YCHIA, ALLO, Shining Light, Renegade Cavalcade, Kung Fu another big hit for the crowd, their new catchy song Ichiban and an old classic GoldFinger then came Orpheus and Walking Barefoot which Tim dedicate to The Enemy (aww). Also came two other hits classic, which the crowd went wild for Oh Yeah and Girl from Mars you had to jump to breath so I starting jumping. A song came what made the set Twilight of the Innocents. After that they went off, and we wanted more so we started shouting “We want Ash, We want Ash” like you do, then they came and we cheered WHAYYY!

For the encore they played Lose Control and Jack Names the Planets.