Morning this is your (web) master speaking.

You may remember 3 or 4 months ago disappeared from your screens, and so begun dark and frustrating times for the band's web presence. After experiencing problems getting the old site back online, it become apparent this was never going to be possible without a lot of hard work and running the risk of the site being attacked again in the same way - the reason the site disappeared in the first place.

At this point the band made the decision to have a whole new ash-official built from scratch, but not just any old site, Ash wanted a site they could update themselves, for it to be the best ash-official ever, and the centre of the Ash universe! This is where I came in, being a web developer by trade and having many years of ash website experience with ashtabs I was hired to build the new site.

You may feel like you've heard these ash-official promises before, but this time we really do mean business.

Phase I was launched on August 1st with the already hugely successfully Ash Blog and news and tour dates section and a link to the very helpful Gashed forum. The site is still very much in the development and videos, releases and links sections have since been added, with biggest plans still very much in the pipe line. Without giving too much away, you will soon be able to register on the site, comment on blogs, see new sections and the return of official forum, all before Ash come out from the shadows next year.

Check it out for yourself at and keep an eye on homepage for the new REGULAR updates!